I woke up Huuunngary this morning (actually, this seems to be EVERY morning), and definitely needed something a bit more substantial for a pre-workout breakfast. This turned out to be a small bowl of Kashi Oats with Blueberry Clusters cereal, milk, and a half a banana.



3 x 12 modified pushups

3 x 12 assisted dips

3 x 12 assisted pull-ups

3 x 12 tricep push-downs

3 x 12 lat pull-downs

3 x 12 glute machine

3 x 15 calf extension

Planks: 1 min on forearms, 1 min right side, 1 min left side

Then for cardio, I mixed it up a little bit and did 10 minutes each on:

Rowing machine, a running machine – sort of like an elliptical just with MUCH longer and lower strides, elliptical machine Smile

Totals: 277 cals (for cardio)


I didn’t grab anything RIGHT after I worked out (probably not the best idea), but I wasn’t hungry because I ate a decent amount beforehand. My plan was just to grab something at work when I started to feel the hunger coming on…

However, the second I walked in to put my lunch in the fridge, THESE were waiting in the break room…



So, I went RIGHT back to my desk and grabbed one of the Oat Revolution packets I JUST bought the other day (Cinnamon and Spice), and then added a teeny piece of crumbled Chocolate Zucchini Bread that I won at the Farmer’s Market Raffle (gluten free, dairy free, no soy). Omg was that deeeelicious – the spices in the oatmeal are fantastic!             Oats > Donuts! Take that empty-carb, sugar-laden office treats!!


About three hours later I wandered back into the break room looking for a snack. I’m not even entirely sure HOW, but an entire APPLE PIE was placed on the table AND completely eaten in that time frame. I managed to walk in as the last slice was being taken and that person was throwing away the box (aka… I don’t have a picture Sad smile)  Do people really need all this RIGHT after Halloween – WITH donuts?

I grabbed a Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein KIND Bar instead. Y.U.M.!!! Not a bad way to kick the sweet craving!! Healthy fats, not trans fats (most standard store-bought pies I see have a little trans fat in the crusts)!!

kind 2

For my lunch I packed me up a Turkey Bagel Sandwich: Hemp bagel, Dijon mustard, spinach, tomato, reduced fat cheese slice, and ¼ avocado. I had this with a Pink Guava coconut water because I’ve had it sitting on my counter for about a week and haven’t even tried it yet… and an apple.  Omg, it’s no WONDER why people drink so much of this coconut water – it’s insanely delicious!!!!Open-mouthed smile I’m only so-so on coconut flavored things, but this was yumm-o! I think the other one I have in my fridge would be a perfect addition to a post-spin re-fueling session – good addition of some electrolytes!



I was able to get away from my desk late this afternoon for a walk- I am LOVING this weather. It’s sooo weird that it’s November and it’s still 70+ degrees outside?!?! It’s even a completely clear, blue sky! It’s even weirder because the trend here in Colorado is that it’s snowing EVERY SINGLE year on Halloween. We’ve not even gotten frost yet Sad smile

good day

(good view of the Flatirons eh?… minus the light posts that is…)

Before I left work, I had some tea and the rest of what I brought from the chocolate zucchini bread Smile This. Bread. Is. Addicting.

teachoco bread

And, tonight will probably be a bucket load of veggies since I’ve not gotten a lot in today at all.  Dinner = salad Smile +random stuff I throw together from the fridge.  Now, a nice evening walk (can’t pass up this weather) is definitely in order, and some relaxation Smile

I FINALLY finished Eat, Pray, Love last night– quite possibly one of the most empowering books I’ve read (definitely makes me want to travel!).  My favorite section was probably Italy Smile – all that food sounded DELICIOUS!  Next up on my list is Charlie St. Cloud (that one movie with Zac Effron who plays baseball with is dead brother?).  Seems like it might be a bit of a tear jerker… but I sleep next to a box of tissues so I guess I’m ready for it!