This afternoon was probably a decent example of the very different eating habits my husband and I have..

And it all started at the grocery store..


Not the best example of what Scott usually buys for food… but… his half is definitely on the left-hand side of this…

oh wait… here ya go!


I have gotten him to switch to a light yogurt however (still a load of artificial sweeteners, but lighter nonetheless), some MSG chips, sugar-loaded tea, and an actual CHANGE from the typical Apple Cinnamon Cheerios to Honey Nut (only because they were OUT), and a step up from oscar meyer sodium sandwich fillers to a lleeeetle better of a turkey meat/ham thing. Smile

My half?: Milk (1%, shared by both of us!), Honey Toasted Kashi cereal, bananas, romaine, tomato, broccoli/carrots, carrots, brussel sprouts, apples, and some $1 Oat Revolution packets I’ve been wanting to try!!! Holy butt these were CHEAP!!! ($1 for a box, which has 5 packets in it!) I’m totally stashing these at work for when it starts to get cold out and I need a little warm snack! Smile

I got three flavors of these things: Apples and Cinnamon, Maple and Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon and Spice.  Check out the ingredients list – not too bad for a packaged oatmeal (sugar qty might be a little high, but… I’m not complaining too much).


Ok… now for lunch!!

I made a quick salad with: leftover whole wheat Israeli Couscous from a few days ago (Couscous, raisins, olives, and a little balsamic vinaigrette), spinach, red pepper, orange, pepper, English cucumber, ~1/4 avocado slices. Darn. Freaking. Yummy!


Scott’s lunch: Flour tortilla, imitation crab meat, shredded cheese, bush’s Baked Beans (original flavor), spinach (yes, he did add a bit o GREEN!!!), but… topped off with Spicy BBQ Ranch Dressing)… that with some of the MSG chips and the sugar tea from the grocery picture.



Ew. lol. oh… and did I mention all the Lemonheads he’s been eating for Halloween?? *looks over at Scott who is currently munching on a box of them*

This is a PRIME example of why I started this blog.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE food and LOOOOOVE talking about it– Scott falls under the category of eating whatever he can find to just fix the “problem” of feeling hungry.  So, naturally he can’t understand why the heck I spend so much time preparing/thinking/making/cooking/baking/scheming/craving…etc such yummy things all the time… (and he’s probably sick of hearing about me talk about it).  I suppose this is a much better expression (and use of my time) than trying to convince our cat that I just made the most DDEEELICIOUS meal and he should try it too!


Hmmmm, I’m actually going to go eat one of those apples right now… (they are my favorite things in the entire world!!),… too much talking about food makes me hungry!