Errands today took me fffoooooorever! An apple was consumed in the car (pic taken at a stoplight of course!) because I felt like eating the steering wheel at one point…


And as always, when I have a car+free time+more free time, I INEVITABLY end up at the grocery store SmileSmile  I was really good this time though and was planning ahead!  I only bought groceries necessary to get me through the weekend make my lunch!!!

The spread! (plus some Tilapia fillets I grabbed for dinner… but… forgot to snap those):


I was so happy that I actually remembered to take a picture of this – I seriously wanted to GNAW MY ARM OFF because I was starving!!  I scooped up almost everything shown + some random things in the fridge and threw together the biggest salad my biggest plate could hold…


Spinach, an entire carrot, a stalk of celery, tomato slices, orange bell pepper slices, the three mushrooms, a good chunk of that English cucumber, slices of avocado, a reduced fat Sargento cheese stick, light balsamic vinaigrette, a dollop of hummus (I ran out… but didn’t buy any this store trip cuz I forgot.. fail!), and some Honey Sesame Kashi crackers on the side! YUM!  I’ll definitely be getting more than this later – salads (no matter how large they are) don’t keep me going terribly long.

Also, driving around you can see all the smoke from yet another fire in the Boulder Canyon area – I feel so horrible for the Four Mile Canyon people.. this is NOT what we need right now!! (Info is here if interested).  They’ve already evacuated more people, including a nearby hospital.. and it’s getting pretty darn close to us Sad smile.  Scott texted me all the way from work – his exact words (he’s such a GUY rofl) – “If we have to evacuate save the electronics… leave the cat”….FAIL!  Of COURSE I’m taking Salami with us!! he’s too cute! Smile   I’m just praying this doesn’t get as bad as the previous fire – I’ll probably blog later and update…