Answer: Mexican won by a LANDSLIDE…… just wait til I get to lunch! Breakfast first!!

I woke up HUN-GARYYY this morning – pre workout I had a slice of cinnamon raisin toast with chocolate peanut butter, strawberry jam and some Quaker Oatmeal Squares on top for crunch. I was still hungry when I left so I grabbed a dried date to eat on the way.



I’m planning a much longer ride tomorrow as I don’t have to go to work (YAY Off Friday!), so I took today relatively easy (meaning… no cardio lol);


(3x) 12rep squats (w/ calf raises tacked on to that)

(3x) 12rep bench dips

(3x) 12rep wood chops

(3x) 12rep chest press

(3x) 16rep seated alternating row

(3x) 12rep shoulder press

(3x) 12rep abduction

(3x) 12rep adduction

(3x) 12rep leg extensions

(3x) 12rep leg curl

(3x) 12rep seated row

(3x) 12rep side lunges with gliding disk

(3x) 15rep walking lunges

(3x) 10rep bicep curls

Since I spent too much time making breakfast yesterday, I went with overnight oats today. They were absolutely PERFECT this morning and not too watery like last time! My ingredients were:

1/4c rolled oats, 1tsp vanilla, ½ c milk, 1T raisins, ¼ t Maca powder, 1T chia seeds, ½ smushed nanner. Topped with: Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter, 1tsp maple syrup, a few chopped walnuts.


Soaking the raisins in overnight made them plump up too – I liked that better than just having those as a topping. yummmmmmm.

Work was pretty crazy today – I had PLENTY to do… which meant I planted my butt in my cube pretty much the whole morning. We had a meeting mid-morning so I didn’t have time to eat the yogurt+ strawberries that I packed – instead I just grabbed a handful of pistachios to try and hold me over until the meeting ended. Right after I was STARVING so I had an apple to tide me over until lunch!



Today turned out to be a “Lunch and Learn”… which basically means we get pizza (my group doesn’t partake in the “learn” part).  I completely didn’t know that was today and already made plans with Brittany to eat at Comida (MUCH better than pizza!!) All I had to do was resist the urge to CHOMP down when the entire office smelled like cheesy goodness!

However…Comida freaking ROCKED!! It’s a local food truck serving up some ddeeeelicious Mexican food (with local ingredients)!!  And there’s absolutely NO way you’d miss this thing….


It’s a big, awesome, pink truck! 

The very cheery Rayme (owner of the Mexican pinkness!) took our orders – I got a chicken taco and a fish taco, and Brittany got a steak taco and a slice of coconut cake.





HPIM1412 (Brit)


The chicken taco was really tasty but OH.Dear.Me. did I INHALE the fish taco. That was absolutely aahhh-MAZE-ing!!! The fish was tender, juicy, full of flavor, and there was a TON on the little corn tortilla! We both tried each other’s food (btw, Coconut cake = light, fluffy, coconuty heaven!) We ate those and then on my way to the office, I got back in line and ordered ANOTHER fish taco. Freaking. Incredible! Totally going to try a quesadilla and the black beans & rice the next time (and probably another fish taco) SmileSmile

extra fish taco

Well this definitely held me over for a good four hours!! And, turns out there was a lot of leftover pizza from lunch, so I packed me up two slices of thin crust and saved that for my dinner. Gotta have carbs to fuel a big ride tomorrow, right?? Smile

Ok… me and the hubby are off to finish up shopping for our costumes for this weekend…. Hope you have a good night and a good day at work tomorrow Winking smile (cuz I’m starting my WEEKEND!!)