So, today is my Off-Friday – so how might I spend a wonderful day alll to myself?!

I STILL get up at 4:45am for a 45min spin class, and then just tack on extra miles (might as well – I’m up that early with nothing to do afterwards!). Why you ask?!?!

Because I am an absolute IDIOT the spin instructor is simply the BEST! It’s very unfortunate that his class falls on Friday mornings (or I WOULD sleep in).

I fueled up this morning with a Cookies n Cream Luna Bar (yum!), a banana, and a very teeny glass of orange juice.


I also filled two water bottles up with a total of about 2 cups of Powerade (I dilute it quite a bit… this stuff goes a long way!).  On my longer rides, I definitely need some sort of electrolyte drink to keep me going.



I honestly have no idea what all happened during spin, which is one of the reasons I like the instructor so much.  He changes up every song with something different: sprints, hills, rolling hill mini-set, stand up, sit down, “how long does it take you to get to one mile?”… etc.  I can’t remember what I did, only that it went by FAST! (there were some anaerobic 60-second sprints in there somewhere….)

However, AFTER I stayed I finished up with these:

Totals: ~1018 cals, 30.1 miles, 1:48 time (ooooh yea.. it’s a good day to EAT)

I came home a sweaty mess, and a muchly needed shower was in order…


(Me and two o’ mah boys: Gerard Butler, and Johnny Depp!!)

and then I re-fueled with the three things my body was craving:

Coffee, Carbs (Hemp Bagel), and Peanut Butter!! I used up ALL of my chocolate peanut butter, but then I magically found ANOTHER jar in the pantry (I think this one’s my husbands… oh well)



Now off to scramble around town because I apparently have a bagillion errands to run today.  Off Friday’s never turn out relaxing – I just end up catching up on errands I am too lazy to do during the week (Food > Important grown up things!)… BUT, Brittany is probably coming over a little later to help me with a new Halloween treat I’m working on!