Today has been such a blur – hardly any time to sit and savor food! Surprised smile…. Except for breakfast!!

I woke up a little bit earlier than I needed to today because I was dying to try out the Hemp Bagels I got last night, but I wanted to be able to digest it before spin class. Yes, I probably could have eaten the AFTER spin, but with my usual early schedule I’d still be up too early anyways (and WAY too hungry)….and these were just ASKING to be chomped on!


I tried these out two different ways this morning: PB + Jam, and whipped cream cheese + Jam Smile…. gotta see which combo is going to be better right?? (…. like cream cheese has ANY sort of chance against PB….).  I had a sliced up nanner and some coffee as well.



These were very delicious and had sort of an earthy taste to them.  They’re also COVERED in seeds, which was a great little crunch factor too Smile.  And yea… PB absolutely CRUSHED cream cheese (duh!).

Spin was an absolute DOOZY today – the entire studio filled up – over 35 people!!!! I sweated my guts out, probably because of all the extra body heat in there (usually only about 7-10 people at my butt crack o’ dawn early class!). Class was something like:


Small intervals of 10 seconds off 20 seconds on for 3 mins (on = 90 rpm, off = 80 rpm)

2 x 1 min: How far can you go the first minute…. can you beat that distance the 2nd minute??

2 x 2 min: same as above…

2 x 3 min

2 x 4 min

1 x 5 min (this KILLED)

Then another set of the small intervals for 3 mins


Totals for today: 651 cals, 1hr 9 mins, 19.0 miles

Boom. Done. Now sit on your butt the rest of the day.

Nah… time sure did FLY by today… Quick trip to the Farmer’s Market, fun and games with friends…. run home and get ready for Scott’s company party.

Lunch turned out to be some concoction of yogurt + granola + an amy’s frozen dinner…(no picture today Sad smile)…

Scott’s only been at his company about a month and this was the first time I was meeting anyone, so I didn’t want to show up as the wife who takes pictures of everything she eats (well… not YET that is Winking smile)… BUT, I did make this nice pretty pasta salad dish to bring along!

Rainbow Rotini Salad

(Adapted from version)


1 16oz colored Rotini Pasta

2 chopped tomatoes

1 Green bell pepper, chopped

1 large cucumber, chopped

1 cup mushroom slices

1 cup chopped black olives

8oz Italian Style Dressing


Boil water and cook pasta until tender.  Drain and rinse pasta.  Combine with everything else Smile.  Toss. Eat.

Easiest. Side Dish. Ever. (Unless you can’t cook pasta Winking smile).



This had so many veggies in it, but Scott actually LIKED this stuff!! (Maybe he really doesn’t know there’s extra veggies hidden in the pasta… thank you Whole Foods Smile)


Tomorrow is going to be my other day off from the gym this week – which means hopefully I’ll be able to make SOMETHING DELICIOUS in my little teeny kitchen with the extra time SmileSmile….

I never got around to making some more PB, so perhaps that’s the next task!