Almost the end of the week – are you anxious yet?!?!

I usually take one weekday and make that my “rest” day for cardio workouts (and one day on the weekend). Today was that day (yay), so I just grabbed a quick snack (a FREE sample of a Kashi bar I got yesterday in the mail), and spent an hour doing weights.

HPIM1333 This tasted exactly like a Nutri-grain bar and was quite yummy!

I was absolutely flying this morning and got all this in today:

3 x 12rep squats with dumbbell

3 x 12rep bench dips

3 x 12 wood chops

3 x 12 chest press

3 x 16 alternating free motion row

3 x 12 shoulder press

3 x 12 hip adduction

3 x 12 hip abduction

3 x 12 seated leg curl

3 x 12 seated leg extension

3 x 12 glute machine (ow!)

3 x 15 calf extension

3 x 12 standing lunges

3 x 12 bicep curls

Yea… that’ll make me sore tomorrow!!

Breakfast was a toasted PB &J on cracked wheat bread and a little toasted wheat germ sprinkled on. I also washed a few grapes and packed those as well.


I want to keep a healthy day of eating today because we’re going out to dinner at a local Venetian Restaurant AND getting some Fro-yo after… Pumpkin Pie flavored!!!! I feel like I’ve been eating SO much pumpkin recently… but I’m absolutely not sick of it yet!

I grabbed a quick snack around 10:15 today (gotta keep the energy and food coma going Smile)– some Cascade Fresh Lemon Chiffon yogurt and a few Habanero BBQ Almonds (addicting!!!)

yogurt(blurry camera phone pic Sad smile)

My lunch today was a salad I made while making my dinner last night: spinach, a sargento reduced fat cheese stick, an egg, black beans, chopped carrot, broccoli, half a roma tomato, light balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and a few Kashi crackers with hummus. I also went for a quick walk after lunch to stretch out.  Sitting in a chair wwaaay too long = BACK PAIN!

Last night’s yummy dinner…HPIM1332

that turned into office-packable nomz (with a few substitutions):


I had an afternoon snack probably 3.5 hours after my lunch… I WAS going to eat this boring old Cliff Jr. bar (actually quite delicious)…

cliff bar

but I made myself a much yummier snack with:

An Asian brown pear, oats, cinnamon, raisins, and a few walnuts. Mix and microwave for a minute or two – YUMMY! And, I made the office smell like cinnamon *evil grin* muahahaha. MUCH more natural and healthy than another bar (I already had one pre-workout!)… I just try and avoid eating two in a day if I can help it!!

Unbaked Pear


Yummo Snack

Ohh I can’t wait to post about this restaurant tonight – it’ll be the third time we’ve been there for happy hour in just a few weeks.  It’s AMAZING!