The wonderful Brittany and her fiancé Tom had a consultation for their wedding this past weekend at a local bakery, Tee and Cakes. They have raved about this place for a very VERY long time, and for some (moronic, stupid, idiotic…etc) reason I just haven’t made it over there to try one of their cupcakes.. However, she found out the other day that they were featuring some new flavors for the holidays, and PUMPKIN MAPLE was one of them. I Immediately informed her that THAT flavor cupcake should be the first one I have the privilege to sample at their shop. *drools*

So Brittany being the insanely kind individual she is, BOUGHT me that cupcake after their consultation. O.M.G. Let’s talk about this little cupcake for a second…




Since my little camera cannot do this thing justice, take a look at Tee and Cakes for their shot of this thing:

Do you remember from your childhood, the cereal “French Toast Crunch”? – the ones actually SHAPED like little cute pieces of bread?! Well, this cupcake smells EXACTLY like the stuff! D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

I must also say that I am in NO way comparing the quality of this cupcake to a bunch of chemically processed *#$%… I am merely saying that the INSTANT I smelled this, a wonderful childhood memory rushed inside my head (I used to eat that stuff by the BOX). Anything provoking a childhood memory scores points in my book Smile

So, my first reaction?? Pure Joy!       Now, on to EATING the thing…

It. Tastes. Exactly. Like. French Toast!!! Except with a hint of pumpkin! Incredible, moist, and the tastiest ball of frosting on top with a cute little pumpkin on it!!

I was very very unhappy that I agreed to split it with my husband…

This definitely needs its OWN post as it was seriously THAT good. Even if pumpkin isn’t your thing (my husband despises it actually, but I made him try it anyways, and he LOVED it), I’d go get my butt over there and try something else… they have about a million flavors so there’s no way you could be disappointed Smile (Red Velvet will be my next….).

Or if you REALLY need a kick to get your butt out the door, click here for delicious pictures of all the popular cupcakes…. Start drooling!