It was sooooo hard to wake up this morning Sad smile.  I could NOT quiet my mind at all last night and didn’t get to sleep until well past 11. It was just one of those nights with too many thoughts running around, and nowhere for them to go. The minutes kept going by and I was trying to convince myself to sleep in a little bit and just go to the spin class AFTER work. I even re-set my alarm so that I’d get another 1.5 hours of sleep.


At around 2am I happened to wake up, and then apparently deemed myself NOT sleep deprived – and therefore set my alarm back to 4:45. Wtcrud?!

When my alarm went off I actually got up…. stupidly. Spin class THAT early with barely 5 hours of sleep should be quite interesting!

Pre-workout fuel: an orange and another Ellie Krieger’s Energy Bar! I keep ‘em in my freezer and take 1 or 2 out a week and just nibble on them. They are almost gone however Sad smile.


Turned out that no sleep = pretty decent spin class?! Maybe I was just functioning on adrenaline since I was rushing to get there on time??

Time: 1:05           Distance: 17.4 miles    Cals:~556 Not too shabby for an endurance ride Winking smile

I got to work and sat down with my coffee + milk, and something quite interesting I made last night:

Chickpea and PB Mess in a Tortilla!


Lately I have been addicted to these things!! I have NO idea where I got this from, but believe me… this CRAZY combination is insanely delicious!

Last night I mixed up ¾ c of Chickpeas with 2 Tbsp of my homemade choco Pnut Butter, and added about 1 tsp of Maple Syrup. You have to heat it all up JUST a twinge so that the pnut butter mixes in with everything (only if you keep your PB in the fridge and it hardens up a little bit).


I let that sit in the fridge overnight. I warmed this up this morning, dumped it in a warm tortilla, and wrapped it up to go for breakfast! This was EXACTLY what I needed right after a spin class Smile Tons of protein, carbs, and healthy fats (om nom peanut butter…), but definitely energy dense. This baby clocks in around 400-450 calories:

Tortilla: ~80 cals

2 Tbsp PB: ~190 cals

¾ c Chickpeas: 135 cals

1 tsp Maple Syrup: ~30 cals

Just reduce the amount of PB or chickpeas if you need to reduce the calories in this.

This completely held me over until lunch today (ate the chickpeas at 7:45, ate lunch at 12) –which were just some leftovers from last night’s dinner:

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Veggie Pasta:

LUNCH2 ooohhhh yea!


“Ingredients” (I don’t really measure at all…): ¾ box of pasta, ¾ full can of canned pumpkin, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 2 mushrooms, ¾ c broccoli (not pictured), ¾ onion (this was all leftovers in the fridge)… 1 mini carton of organic veggie broth, 1 tbsp Earth Balance (not pictured), 1-2 tsp olive oil. I didn’t actually use the milk, I just drank that with my meal Smile

While boiling water for the pasta, I sautéed the onion in the olive oil, then added in the bell peppers and broccoli – I also threw in some Italian seasoning and garlic powder (didn’t have any garlic).


For the sauce I just threw the Earth Balance in a sauce pan, and then dumped the pumpkin in with it. After that heated up a little, I poured in the veggie broth and just continuously stirred it on low heat. Weird combo? Yes. Delicious? YES!

I cooked and drained the pasta, and threw in the veggies and sauce. This was the most CREAMY tasting pasta ever, and it absolutely did NOT taste like pumpkin at all!! Scott even liked it, which is saying a HECK of a lot (considering he came home to a kitchen smelling of wonderfulness, but STILL at a tortilla with baked beans, hot dog, spinach, and hot sauce for dinner……FAIL)

Oh well… more for me I suppose?

Lunch was not actually eaten at my desk, but in a random parking lot near the place I was getting my flat tire fixed Sad smile

sad face *Sad Face*

I just walked around there for TWO HOURS since I couldn’t take my normal walk. However, I quickly became bored… but found my saving grace just a block away… BOOM!


Grande, nonfat, decaf, no whip, 2-pump, pumpkin spice latte. I actually asked for it iced, but I think I overcomplicated it and he got confused… my bad. Oh well, it was still tasty!

psLhappy face *MUCH better!!*

The latte held me over until I got home, and I just grabbed another GINORMO Fuji apple… which I might have dropped TWICE while attending to the Salami’s clingy-ness….


However… you DO know you’re getting an adequate fruit intake when you see this:


A ton of produce stickers all over the tissue box that sits on the ledge near my kitchen sink SmileSmile I’m completely guilty of doing this!

Anyways, dinner is probably going to be something green and pretty , like a salad… since most of what I ate today was brown/orange in color (not BAD foods by any means… I just think I want to vary up the color a bit)

On that note, whenever I make a salad for dinner, I always just make a TON so that I can make my lunch for the next day at the same time Smile. Saves me the trouble of coming up with something better and it gives me a healthy office lunch Winking smile!