This morning’s pre-workout fuel was just a small bowl of cereal and low-fat milk (in the bestest soccer bowl EVER). I was in a hurry (again) and just grabbed whatever I could find.

morning o'sbreakfast one1

My workout this morning lasted just over an hour:

I started with some weights and did:

3 x 12rep pushup, 3 x 12rep assisted chin up, 3 x 12rep assisted bench dip, 3 x 12rep tricep pushdown, 3 x 12rep lat pulldown.

and then finished with a little over half an hour the elliptical (~ 300 cals)

After I got to work, I dug into some Overnight Oats!!!! I actually did find a bit of leftover peanut butter from last week, so I decided to use the jar and make me some overnight oats last night:

oats toppings1

This had about ¼ c oats, ~2 tbsp canned pumpkin, half of a mashed nanner, 1 tsp vanilla, 2 tsp chia seeds, cinnamon, and ¾ c 1% milk.  I mixed that all up, poured it in the PB jar (which still had about 1.5-2 tbsp PB leftover!!), and stuck it in the fridge overnight.

This morning I topped that off with: the other half of the banana, some raisins, and about 1-2 tsp of Agave. yummo!

This was absolutely the most delicious batch of overnight oats I’ve made! I’ve been slowly increasing my amount of chia seeds because I didn’t like them at first – 2 tsp seems to be my limit right now. I do like how incredibly nutrient dense these things are though – that’s why I keep trying to push them in my oats!

Overnight oats are such a blessing for office food – it’s the easiest thing to make and pack, so there’s NO EXCUSE for skipping breakfast!!!

Even though my oats this morning were absolutely LOADED with protein/carbs/fat… I was still hungry a few hours later – I munched on some of the Habanero BBQ almonds I have stashed in my desk to hold me over until lunch

almonds (this plus another handful… or two!)

Lunch was a veggie sandwich on Rudi’s organic cracked wheat bread: I used leftover smushed black beans + balsamic from last night as the spread, sprouts, tomato, cucumber, spinach, and a slice of cheese. I was going to put avocado on it, but as I cut into it last night (when I packed everything), the stupid thing had gone rancid … AND, we bought it just two days ago Sad smile. *sad eyes*. I also had a bunch of grapes and sweet potato crack chips on the side.  I’m going to be SUPER sad when the bag is empty – they are way too addicting!

lunch shot

veggie sammich

My afternoon snack was a Cookies n Cream Luna bar and another cup of the Tazo Lotus Tea.  Luna bars are one of my go to snacks when I need something quick and to hold me over for a little while – I ALWAYS have these stocked somewhere.  This flavor is quite possibly my favorite Open-mouthed smile

snacky time

Dinner tonight is going to use up quite a bit of the veggies and canned pumpkin I have in the fridge – which will be leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  I’ve got a little bit of extra time tonight since there is NO GLEE EPISODE THIS WEEK!!?!?!?

Surprised smile