Happy Monday! (is it Friday yet?!)

It’s the first day back at the office since I started the blog – it feels appropriate to give the full version of what one of my “normal” days is like and show you today Smile… :

4:45 am – my alarm went off.  E.A.R.L.Y.  I’m used to it however.

5:00 am – cram food in mouth.  I’m one of those people that NEEDS food in my stomach to do anything in the morning – even intense exercise!

HPIM1312 half a nanner, one of Ellie Krieger’s Energy Bars (I don’t think I changed the recipe at all – they are fantastic!), and just about the most pathetic little glass of OJ I’ve ever had.

5:15 am – run out door to get to spin class

5:45-6:35 am – Get my butt handed to me in class! (17.1 miles, ~516 cals, 1:01 time – I get there early so I usually get at least an hour in)

shower, pack food, run out the door to get to work,

7:30 am – at my desk eating THIS!:

bagel1 Coffee and a toasted Thomas’s Whole Wheat bagel topped with the other half of the banana and WAY too much not quite enough Choco Pnut butter I made yesterday! Oh NOM!

7:45 – 11:00 am – work, work, work, get up and stretch about every hour (my back KILLS if I don’t!)

11:00 am – I haven’t had my mid morning snack yet.. MOVE OVER I’M FREAKING HUNGRY!! Race to the kitchen to reheat some leftovers from dinner and make a yogurt + granola mix:


Whole wheat Boboli pizza crust LOADED with veggies (check out the end of this post to see what my husband and I made from this last night …. rofl), Fage 2% strawberry and some pumpkin granola from Whole Foods.

12:30 pm – my back is killing me… time for my daily walk (~30 mins) around the business park to stretch out!





How lucky am I that it’s so B-E-A-U-tiful right by my work??!?

2:15 pm – Hungry!!!!!! Mix me up some trail mix!

Trail Mix

A mixture of Quaker Oatmeal Squares (aka… my cereal crack!), some roasted pumpkin seeds I made (olive oil, Italian seasoning, Salt + Pepper), and some Habanero BBQ Almonds.  I LOVED the salty, sweet, spicy combination of all of this!! But beware, these almonds do pack in quite a spicy punch!


I also made me a quick cup of Tazo tea – it was quite chilly out on my walk earlier and I think the air conditioning is still on in our building?! Sad smile


4:00 pm – hungry again!!! Grab my “just in case I don’t make it home from work” snack – the biggest Fuji apple I have ever seen.  It was seriously larger than my hand! Yum!

Ginormo Apple1

5:00 pm – work is done Smile Go home, blog, and think about what I want for dinner!


Ok.. so I HAVE to show this pizza thing from last night – it was literally Man vs. Woman Pizza!!!

Here’s what it looked like right out of the oven (can you tell which one is mine?!)


My list of ingredients: sauce (I mashed me up some black beans and mixed that with a bit of light balsamic vinaigrette… which was DELICIOUS!), spinach, tomato, yellow pepper, red pepper, mushrooms, broccoli, and a smidge of 2% mozzarella cheese on top

My husband’s toppings: tomato sauce (plus a little garlic powder/Italian seasoning mixed in), spinach (only because I made him feel guilty!), mushrooms, tomato,  pepperoni, hot dogs, imitation crab meat, baked beans, gobs of cheese, and then topped off with quite a bit of  Frank’s Red Hot sauce!

His side of the pan weighed a TON:


My husband is NOT in any way a foodie, and still would rather come home and make himself a microwaved tortilla with cheese, hotdog, ramen noodles (… I think this is nasty!), beans, and hot sauce…. EVEN when I’ve already made something as yummy as this:

Spaghetti Squash Dinner

I’m hoping to get some pictures this week of all the “goodies” around my office… just to show what I’m NOT eating during the day Smile