Having the pantry, storage, and counter space back has led me to wanting to do two things: dig up the mini trifle set from our wedding that we’ve had no place for, and to actually  USE the food processor.  Until now, I’ve had to completely take it out of its original Styrofoam packaging every time to use it, which made it such a pain I never bothered with it. (teeny apartment = fail

Want #1: A delicious, filling, pretty-ish looking Sunday morning breakfast, in the trifle dish!



using Brown Cow Vanilla Greek Yogurt – yummo!


Layers from bottom to top:

Sliced banana

Brown Cow Vanilla Greek Yogurt

2 tsp rolled oats


a few sprinkles of cinnamon



rolled oats





rolled oats

a few crushed walnuts

a little dollop of the last of my peanut butter

turned out to be the most incredibly filling breakfast! (almost 4 hours now!)


Want #2: Tenderize me some peanuts and replace my P-nut butta! Smile

As I used up the last bit of peanut butter for breakfast, so I absolutely NEEDED to replace my stash. 

The result?! Regular old CHOCO Pnut Butta!!

Ingredients: dry roasted peanuts, unsweetened cocoa powder (yes, plain and boring, but I’ve not done this before… )

Directions: Blend in food processor until you can’t control the urge to stick your finger in and try it!!

HPIM1273(first few seconds of peanut mashing)

HPIM1274 (adding in 2 tsp cocoa powder)


ooey, gooey, mess of intense chocolate flavoring Smile I’m in absolute HEAVEN!

HPIM1277 this is not going to last long.

However, the “abuse” came from me slashing my thumb up trying to clean every single ounce of peanut butter off the blade Sad smile…. it was… THAT good. Not too shabby for my first run at homemade nut butter SmileSmileSmile I will NEVER again buy a jar – it’s way too easy to make this stuff yourself, and when you eat it like I do, I’m sure it will save me quite a bit o’ cash!

My next task is to duplicate Ashley’s Pumpkin Spiced Almond Butter!!!. I do need a bit more time to roast the almonds, but that will have to wait until I am on good terms with the food processor again….