I wasn’t really hungry for lunch, but I wanted to at least eat something light because I knew we’d be out sampling chocolate in the afternoon.  I just made a small plate with carrot sticks, cucumber, Kashi crackers, a cheese stick, hummus, and some cucumber.  At least I got some more colors in Smile


We started at What’s Cooking in Lafayette, where Robin from Robin Chocolates was doing a demo and giving out free samples of here AAHHmazing chocolates!  We saw her work earlier this year at the Colorado Chocolate Festival where her Lemon Souffles won an award! Check out the setup:


HPIM1238 Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL (and amazingly delicious!!)?!?


HPIM1240 New salted caramel pops!

They’ll be lots more info on Robin tomorrow – after talking with her a bit we found out about another event that we’re going to tomorrow afternoon SmileSmileSmile I’m excited!

I crammed in a quick snack in the car, then it was off to the pumpkin patch!! I can’t wait to post our carvings!!

HPIM1249 (one of my new favorites!)