So, in being a Mechanical Engineer, I’d say I have a natural ability to build things quickly and efficiently…

However, that does not seem to be the case when it comes to do-it-yourself furniture…

To start, I had to rip through the side of the box that the pantry came in (the delivery guy put it in the apartment this way, and it was too heavy to move by myself).  This created an insane mess of cardboard/Styrofoam/plastic wrap all over the kitchen/front door… F.A.I.L.

Boxes from Furniture

The assembly was sort of difficult too because I was having trouble aligning and pushing together the shelves with those stupid wooden dowel pins!  Plus, Salami (our adorable, but very evil kitty), was running around chewing on everything so I kept having to soak him with the spray bottle.  It took me about 2 hours to get to a stopping point on the thing, and only because I couldn’t flip it over to nail the boards on the back.  SO, a long overdue lunch break was in order!!

I had a simple hummus, turkey, cucumber, sprout, and avocado wrap on a whole wheat tortilla, plus some sesame seeds sprinkled on top because I thought it needed something else Smile.

Turkey Hummus Wrap

And my crack fruit!! An apple!! (this one was an organic Gala apple)


The hummus is Sabra Roasted Garlic (one of my FAVORITES!)… which doesn’t usually last me very long (my bad on the blurry picture!).

Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus

I was still hungry after that, so I felt a little treat was in order (a hard workout + hard labor makes you HUN-GARY!) and I wanted to celebrate the arrival of a MUCHLY NEEDED pantry.  My yummy treat was bits and pieces of half of a Wonder Wakeup Cookie – a gift from a very good friend of mine (Thank you Brittany!!).

Wonder Wakeup Cookie

Wonder Foods is a local bakery here in Boulder Colorado that I recently discovered at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.  Their Wonder Cookies are CRACK to me and I absolutely cannot cross their booth without buying a few.  I love them because they use natural, “Erin-approved” ingredients (check it out!), they’re local, and they taste incredible! I think I’ve bought too many of them as the last time I was at the farmer’s market, the owner gave me a free bag of leftover cookie crumbs!! (oooohhhhh ice cream topping HEAVEN!)

After waking up from my Espresso Bean/Cookie coma, it was back to the pantry/blogging! It was much easier to get a little cleaning and assembly done because the beloved little devil Salami was asleep underneath my husband’s desk! Awww, how cute!


Halfway there!! I can’t wait for more storage! (Hopefully it looks like this when I’m done!)

Half Built Dresser