I got to sleep in today a little bit from the normal routine, but was still up before the sun.  A smidge before 6am wakeup call was needed in order for me to make my husband and I a good breakfast before he had to rush out the door for the morning.

Breakfast was deliciously-cinnamony-mapley french toast, and a new fruit (to me that is), PB, and some coffee.

HPIM1229mmmmmmm coffee Smile

I beat two eggs, added about a tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a few shakes o’ cinnamon to the mixture and then dredged two slices of whole wheat bread in it.  I topped off the slices with some more shakes o’ cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup.  I also lightly covered the fruit in a layer of PB.  The result??: fluffy, yummy, GOODNESS!  I ate every last bite and nearly licked the plate…


The fruit was an Apple Pear aka Asian Brown Pear (half of one that is – I split it with Scott Smile):


This actually was only okay for me – it didn’t really taste like…well…. anything at all.  But, the texture was definitely a mix between and apple and a pear, but it was a tad bit dry. I think that is just the nature of these things.  Perhaps this is one of those pears you cook in rum or something to increase the flavor in it?  Meh, next time I buy one of these I suppose I’ll come up with something a little more creative than just slices!

Ok, off to another spin class and to run one more errand before I finish up the pantry!  I hope to get that done and mostly stocked before we head out to all the fun activities today!